LED Selfie Ring Light

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Key Features

  • Light: LED
  • ON/OFF switch: button
  • Use for 1: Mobile phone
  • Use for 2: Computer

If you are facing a low light condition while taking your selfie then we have solution for you. Buy LED Selfie Ring Light from thebrands.pk at suitable price with quality and satisfaction guarantee. This high quality LED Selfie Ring Light has 3 levels of brightness and 36 long-lasting LED bulbs provide supplementary or super quality lighting for photography in low light conditions. It can also help you get higher quality pictures and videos when natural light is not available. It is very convenient to use. You can fix it anywhere. The use of non-slip and scratch-resistant sponge design can effectively prevent it from falling and protect the phone from scratches. You have no need to connect smart phones or other devices to add light. Just press the power button and you can switch to another lighting level. 36 LED bulbs will be able to provide you with enough lighting to take great selfies. This is the Best product for tiktok stars.


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