Center For Healthcare Economics And Policy

Center For Healthcare Economics And Policy

Successful achievement of the “Triple Aim” goals – reducing the per capita cost of healthcare, improving the health of populations and enhancing patient access to and experience of care – will be most effective if driven by community-based healthcare stakeholders (local governments, insurers, providers, physicians and employers). The Center for Healthcare Economics and Policy works with these stakeholders to facilitate community based efforts to achieve “Triple Aim.”

Our Service Offerings:

Community-Based Healthcare Re-Alignment Studies and Strategies

We work with healthcare constituents in communities with excess or misaligned healthcare capacity or costs to identify the drivers of high healthcare costs to effect strategies to improve healthcare delivery at reduced costs.

Employers as Agents for Change

We work with employers to provide sound economic and empirical support for health and wellness programs; designing benefits to yield cost savings; and facilitating change in misaligned capacity.

Our Tools:


Using Sound Empirical Analysis to Identify and Communicate Actionable Results

Cross-stakeholder and Community Level Analysis

Effective Alignment of Healthcare Capacity and Resources