Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement

TPMCL improves the efficiency and effectiveness of clients’ operations with a balanced approach, focused on increasing revenues and cutting costs. We help clients align business activities to a “critical few” priorities and strike a balance between short-term and long-term goals. Using external benchmarks and deploying best practices, we accelerate clients’ growth and increase effectiveness. Our systemic changes lead to sustainable results.

Revenue Management

The revenue management team helps clients balance the quantity and quality of revenues while cultivating the right customer base and generating profitable growth. This is done through the following core processes:

Operations Improvement

The operational improvement team helps clients reduce costs through plant consolidation, elimination of redundant processes, equipment strategies, and improvements to systems, technology, yield management and energy consumption. These reductions and efficiencies are achieved by establishing performance measures and accountability.

Working Capital Management

By building streamlined processes for managing customers, operations and procurement, TPMCL reduces costs and improves the effectiveness of operations.  This increases working capital, which helps clients fund growth and weather downturns.  Key processes we focus on are

Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Supply chain management requires collaboration among multiple internal and external partners, who often are driven by different motives.
Our team achieves coordination by:

SG&A Optimization

TPMCL works with clients to analyze the order-to-cash process, focusing on work value analysis, process flows, organization structure and cost reviews. This allows us to:

Business Intelligence/Planning

TPMCL assists clients to develop processes to deliver and use business intelligence. The services include:

Business Assets Optimization

TPMCL performs a comprehensive review of clients’ asset portfolios, including customers, products and physical assets. Our work helps clients preserve and improve profitability through the rationalization and simplification of processes and capabilities.

Organizational Design & Optimization

The organizational design and optimization experts at TPMCL review functional strategies and implement best practices across the organization. This helps refine focus, reduce capability gaps, set objectives, streamline processes, enhance reporting protocols and lessen cost disparities for the short and long term.

Program Governance

Our experts help clients better manage large and complex enterprise-wide initiatives. We introduce structure and practices that allow senior-level leadership, oversight and control to guide programs to successful conclusions.

Merger Integration

We facilitate collaboration among the merger parties to perform rigorous analysis and create detailed process plans, integration parameters and timetables. We achieve improvements in quality and speed of decision making by: