Trial Services

Trial Services

The Trial Services professionals at TPMCL work with clients throughout the life cycle of a case, supporting litigators in war rooms and courtrooms. As a seamless part of the trial team, we provide visual communications consulting and graphics production, trial technology consulting, jury research services and site logistics coordination.
We understand the need to maximize the value of every dollar spent on litigation. TPMCL employs cost-saving processes such as developing demonstratives in editable formats, which can be revised on the fly before and during trial; and providing work product to clients in native file format so it may be modified and re-purposed for potential future litigation.

Visual Communications Consulting & Graphics

Our visual communications and graphics experts help clients create, test and deliver the most powerful, persuasive presentation of their case. We help litigation teams:

Trial Technology Consulting & TrialMax®

We recommend, implement and operate hardware and software for both the war room and the courtroom, allowing trial teams to focus on trial preparation. We provide flawless presentation of visuals in the courtroom for maximum impact. When clients engage our Trial Services team, TPMCL provides free use of Trial Max® presentation software, which uniquely provides deposition designation and objection management. Where custom solutions are required, we build them.

Jury Consulting

We help clients understand how jurors likely will evaluate their case and how evidence can be presented most effectively. We also help clients assess the risk of bringing their case to trial and what factors could promote an early settlement.

Trial Logistics

The Trial Services team helps clients manage on-site logistics for optimal trial team efficiency. We provide services such as evaluating hotel and war room locations and identifying and negotiating with vendors for ancillary services such as printing, transportation and catering